A floral and design studio based out of New York City, Botanique, creates a world where flowers make the experience.  

Our team of floral and event designers, artists, and producers collaborate with clients to create unique designs that are event and brand specific, approaching each one as its own entity.  

Having a deep understanding of color, shape and texture, we bring a sense of style to our florals making each arrangement beautiful and unique.    Maybe you aren’t quite sure what type of flowers you want or are in season, which colors you should do, or what your over all event style will be, and that’s ok.  We will help curate your vision by creating a design plan and educating you on the florals you have selected. We want you to know your flowers in the same manner that we do and understanding why we chose them creates a deeper appreciation overall.

Events can take on a world of their own creating a singular experience, an impression, a feeling.  What stays with you is what we aim to capture. Our flowers and our work is a reflection of us and our love for what we do.

Past Clients include Bustle, WeWork, Tinder, JAG Models, Inc., FBN and more.   

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